People Live Here

People Live Here: Stories from Yakima
People Live Here is a new collection of stories and flash fiction set in Yakima, Washington during the 2010s

People Live Here: Stories from Yakima presents fourteen flash fiction and short story pieces set in the early 2010s in the center of Washington State. These stories capture a moment in a place that is both foreign and familiar. They peek into orchards, convenience stores, assisted living homes, and gang streets for glimpses of lives both connected and separated by one American town. The collection features “Starlings,” winner of Carve Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. It was also a fiction semi-finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award.

Paperback $11.95
ISBN 978-0-578-67678-4
2020. Simul Books
150 pages

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Table of Contents
Front Matter
Preface: People Live Here
Starlings: 84th Ave and Tieton
Arrivals and Departures: 33rd Ave and Englewood
Graveyard: 16th Ave and Fruitvale
First Day: 42nd Ave and Nob Hill
Persona, or All Sanctuaries Smell Like Stockholm: 6th Ave and Walnut
Hero: 3rd St and Yakima
The Last Time I Went to Church with My Wife’s Sister: 4th St and Lincoln
How Hills Look from the Air: 24th Ave and Washington
Nightstand: 66th Ave and Englewood
The Things Left Behind at Mythic Records, 1982–2011: 9th Ave and Summitview
Homecoming: 17th Ave and Tahoma
Birthday: Yakima Ave and Front
Borders: Naches Ave and Fair
Don’t Ask: 37th St and Mountainview