In Beginning: Poems

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A new book of contemporary poems in dialogue with an ancient text

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Spring 2021. In Beginning: Poems is something like modern Midrash—commentary and musings on the ancient text of Genesis. Beginning with the beginning, they flirt with and fear a Creator-God. They deliberate on the wondrous and absurd rise of humanity. They flee to and from a family story that is both the stuff of myth and as familiar as small-town America.

The book is split into four sections to focus on key events, people, and storylines that make Genesis one of the most profound and provocative books ever written. In Beginning considers (1) The First World, (2) Abraham, (3) Jacob, and (4) Legacy. It’s all here: Light, Eden, Babel, and the story of family in communion with a sometimes hidden and hard God.

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ISBN 978-1-7365903-1-7.
2021. Simul Books
104 pages

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In Beginning
The beginning was about tidiness
and arrangement, forming coherence
from chaos, a sculptor and a universe
of loam, a painter with words for bristles.

The beginning was about joy. Pleasure,
perhaps. Mystery and hopefulness.
Delight in the designing. A poet
plotting out his great pastoral, having

the beginning, establishing mood.
A composer with a chord, screenwriter
scripting a pilot with a cliffhanger,
a plan for six seasons and a movie.

I did not sell my birthright
as much as I abdicated it.

It happens sometimes—
the firstborn needs to find

his (or her) own birthright,
children are born out of order,

the patriarch (or matriarch)
comes from the middle.